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    Vrender Architectural 3D rendering Services

lead USA 3d Rendering and Design Company based in New York with more than 17 years of experience in architecture and CGI projects.

Vrender is a Company that offers award-winning commercial services – such as Architectural Project 3D Rendering and Animation, 3D Modeling, and Virtual Reality for Retail and Real Estate – to a wide variety of U.S. and international clients. We leverage digital, and at the same time, we seek creative and innovative ways to deliver our solutions and create something new in the world of 3D visuals. Primarily we produce photo-realistic images and animations for the Property Development sector.

What We Offer:

  • 3D Architectural Rendering
  • Interior and Exterior Animation
  • Interior Rendering
  • Qualitative 3D modeling and texturing
  • 3D Tours and 360 3D panorama
  • Site Plan Rendering
  • Landscape Design and 3D Visualization


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Our Process of 3D Rendering Innovations

Vrender offers creative means of carrying out 3D rendering that is mind-blowing to our clients. Our management is full of creative individuals who are bonded with team spirit to create qualitative renderings to client taste. However, durability innovation has always been our motive; we do not just construct 3D rendering, but we ensure to do something innovative that maintaining its quality outlook for a more extended period. We understand that clients are always on the lookout for something new and will go any length in getting it. As a result of this, we are continually upgrading as our 3D rendering innovations are always first of their kind.

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    Our Belief about 3D Architectural Visualization

    We understand that your construction can worth a lot if given an attractive look. Like we promise, we have professional designers that are highly knowledgeable in architectural design that provides beauty to the environment. Our 3D Architectural Service will not only give you a 21st Century architectural design, but we will also provide a detailed walkthrough of both interior and exterior spaces rendered to your taste.

    Our Mission:

    • To realize your ideas into reality by adopting any object into micro detailing work.
    • Create an object’s place through your charts, photos, pictures, overall volumes, etc.
    • Create all your bold and challenging ideas in the field of architectural visualization.
    • Complete your order with good quality and on time.
    • Creating realistic image and 3D walkthrough of the upcoming building.
    • Increase sales by volume level and attract new customers.

    Our team of 3D Artists and Architects:

    • Highly knowledgeable in 3D software, virtual reality, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, 3D animation, and digital image post-production.
    • Innovative minded and quick to adapt to new solutions and work under pressure to meet every challenging and mission-critical deadline.
    • Professional skill in presentation of high-end residential visuals, and commercial architectural design in a simple and clearer term.
    • Ability to create any design and make it the unique space every designer is looking for.
    • According to the client brief, we produce detailed, high-quality computer-generated 3D illustrations such as images, marketing materials, presentations, and 3D models for contracted projects.

    Popular Questions about 3D Renderings by our clients

    Q: I contacted your team for 3D Renderings. What is the process to get started?

    A: To start a project, please send your CAD “DWG” files with drawings, plans, blueprints, 3D models or sketches (PDF, DWG, (CAD), JPEG, PNG or another file format, showing all elevations, interior design ideas, floor plans, site plans, and roof plans.

    Please specify and send the images of your preferred building finish materials colours, design example, furniture, textures, landscape and surroundings photos, Google Maps coordinates.

    The process is simple and straight forward:

    • You provide drawings and finish specs.
    • We provide you a quote.
    • You will return the signed proposal along with your retainer upon approval.
    • We generate geometry and preliminary renderings for your review and comments. Our quote includes up to two revisions.
    • The final payment is made after completion.

    Q: How many numbers of revisions do I get for my virtual image?
    A: Our quotes cover 2 rounds of free revisions.

    Q: How long does it takes to complete 3D Rendering?
    A: Our standard lead time 5-7 business days, but we provide low res preliminaries for review and comments sooner.

    Q: What is the cost of your 3D Rendering service?

    A: The cost of 3D Architectural Rendering and Animation Services in most cases varies widely based on numerous parameters (design complexity, number of views etc.) and calculated individually in each case.. Bulk order discount is possible. Please note there is a discount to render the same geometry from different angles.

    Q: Can I get a discount?

    A: Get 25% OFF first order!

    Why do you need Architectural Rendering?

    Architecture is one of the most advanced places in shaping visual culture. The impact of improved or simply beautiful architecture on a person is more than serious – it creates not only the aesthetic looks but also provides a good or depressing relevant experience. Besides the basic architecture is a portrait of the city determines, its advantages or disadvantages, and it shows historical components.
    In the current context of the architecture of any nature, it has become closer, and now there are not only in one mind and can be demonstrated large numbers of people. And the question here is not only the backbone of future construction or builder nuances of the situation in the landscape but also the inside of the house, a large shopping center or stadium. The scale does not limit to if the object of architectural visualization is the city.

    Architectural Visualization is a graphic demonstration of a future construction using architectural design. It allows you to maximize the full version and see the details if you want to fix them. Usually includes not only the appearance of an order but the purely technical details. In particular, the qualitative composition, staging lights, and showcasing the elements of architecture and materials.

    In architectural visualization, we use two methods to represent graphics images. For implementation, we either use our hands or use computing methods. When images are created by hand, we use the principles of descriptive geometry and in the case of computer graphics, we use an appropriate professional program.

    We make use of different software programs that provides completely different professional solutions such as Blender, Archicad, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Vray, SketchUp etc.

    Exterior 3D Rendering

    3D exterior rendering is usually created at the first stages of the developmental process of a project. It helps to simplify the interaction between the author, the owner of the project and their partners, investors or customers.

    3D exterior visualization of a building will show you all the future construction benefits and drawbacks, estimates of all architectural advantages and correspondence with the surrounding redevelopment areas.

    You can also show your investors or prospects a graphical model of your project instead of complicated drafts for observation. This will help your prospects to quickly reach a decision on buying or investments. This makes architectural visualization an effective marketing apparatus.

    Interior 3D Rendering

    Recently, 3D rendering appears to be the standard during the development process of interior design projects. Architectural visualization of interior designs is very useful in private house construction projects and buildings intended for public use.

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