Architectural 3D rendering services Houston Texas

3D Architectural Rendering in Houston and Dallas, Texas

3D Architectural Rendering Services in Houston, Dallas, Texas

We know you are your own biggest critic and we want to see you shine! Everybody is watching and we want to give you a look everybody can feel. A picture is worth a thousand words and architects and designers are nothing unless they can communicate their message.

Founded in 2001, Vrender Company has a talented team of architectural rendering specialists with over 8 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves in consistently providing the highest quality architectural rendering services at competitive prices. Being founded by architecture background specialists, our expertise lies in being able to effectively communicate the architectural design to whomever it may be. We believe that the core of design lies in articulating a cohesive narrative to a larger audience. There are more than 300 excellent rendered projects in Houston and Dallas like The Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas Museum Of Art, Dealey Plaza, AT&T Stadium, Houston Space Center, Texas Medical Center and etc.

3D Architectural Visualization and 3D Animation walkthrough services in:

San Antonio,
Fort Worth,
El Paso,
Corpus Christi,
Grand Prairie,
Frisco and other Texas cities.

Vrender Company offers two different still image rendering services to cover all your needs: Comprehensive Rendering and Standard Rendering

Comprehensive Still Image Rendering

is the best fit for showcasing final design projects. This type of rendering shows all the content requested by the client.

• Unlimited revisions – we will make as many changes as needed until you are satisfied with the final project.
• If necessary, we can also send our specialist on-site to make the final adjustment
• The production process normally takes 5-10 days. The starting price and the final price depending on the specific project’s level of complexity and the different rendering types.

Photoreal HD 3D Rendering San Antonio TexasStandard Rendering

is suitable for highlighting the best aspects of your design during progress/weekly meetings or other similar scenarios. Standard rendering provides about 75% of the completeness of comprehensive rendering. It focuses on presenting all the key features and spatial relationships in the architecture.

• Saves time and money – renderings are budget-friendly and fast to accommodate all stages of design.
• The production process only takes 3-5 days. In the meantime, we can implement modifications during this time frame.
• The flat rate of the rendering for any type of projects. There is a minimum of 3 renderings per request.

Working samples of our past projects are available on:

Conceptual Architectural Visualization of Business Center Fort Worth Texas3d Architectural Visualization of House in Dallas Texas3D Architectural Animations

for most marketing and presentation purposes, our photo-realistic architectural animations are the best way to leave a great impression on your audiences. The animation is an integration of 3D Flythroughs/3D Walkthroughs with explanatory/diagrammatic materials. The narrator will be included. We have faith to produce the most cost-effective high-quality animation.

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