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3D Rendering and 3D Modeling Software

Currently, the use of modern computer technologies, including 3D visualization, becomes more popular every day. 3D modeling, prototyping and visualization allow a detailed study of any object’s model to evaluate its functionality and to make the necessary amendments to the design, as well as to create more photorealistic images.

Recently, 3D modeling and visualization are used more and more often in a wide variety of presentations, conferences and exhibitions, as these technologies make it possible to consider not only the original design idea, but the whole future project in every detail.

Let’s consider the basic programs for 3D modeling, 3D rendering and 3d animation.

3ds max rendering service

3ds Max

3ds Max is comfortable, functional and effective program that has a great set of features and materials through which it is possible to perform the visualization, 3D modeling or animation. The app is created by Autodesk company.

3ds Max has extensive set of tools and algorithms that allow creating three-dimensional computer objects, the most diverse in form and complexity.
The main method of visualization of the program is progressive scan algorithm by the line, with the recently added features such as Global Illumination and Radiosity Ray Tracing.
The functionality of the program significantly expanded by connecting unlimited number of plugins (Vray, Forest Pack, etc.).
3ds Max provides access to new tools of high-performance that significantly improves applications’ performance and eases working moments, allowing users to work more efficiently with complex components with high definition.

cinema 4d 3d modeling


CINEMA 4D Studio is one of the most promising and best universal programs from the MAXON studio, that will be appreciated by the professional 3D-artists. This program, thanks to its optimized renderer, allows creating and editing three-dimensional objects, effects and photo realistic images of any sizes. In addition, powerful animation tools and a set of the most different algorithms can create real masterpieces of cinematography, not worse than you can see on TV.

This program contains all the necessary tools for modeling, texturing, rendering and animation. Built-in additional models allow access to additional specialized functions and tools of the program. Besides, there is always the opportunity to select a specific version of the program that will contain dedicated modules for each specific task.

blender rendering


Among the variety of programs for visualization, modeling and rendering, it is impossible not to mention one freeware, multi-functional software for creating computer 3D graphics – Blender.
This graphical editor can do almost everything – to animate, to select the best level of lighting, to carry out post-processing and texture mapping, to create models. This application has a user-friendly interface and the usual set of tools, buttons and panels, providing maximum comfort for users. It should be noted that users can choose from a variety of interfaces for animation or simulation, depending on the selected operating mode. Among the distinctive parameters of interface, two modes are worth noting – Object mode and Edit mode.

Blender is a graphical editor with a rather rigid structure, so in order to create any scenery, you need to set all parameters and properties and to identify correctly all of the attributes that describe it. Working process in the editor is built on the system of data blocks, wherein each block contains detailed information about the object, the environment in which the scene was simulated or about some event.
Summarizing, we can say that today Blender can be attributed to the best free online three-dimensional graphical editors and it is an alternative variant for titans of three-dimensional modeling.

SketchUp Rendering and modeling


SketchUp is functional, simple, convenient and intuitive graphical software with open source for rapid modeling, architectural visualization and modeling of the interior, with which you can create objects of various shapes and dimensions. As a rule, this application most frequently used in work of designers and architects. The editor allows adding new textures, details, change the shape and size of ready-made objects. SketchUp allows developing complex design projects, it works with raster and vector graphics and animation.
One of the main advantages of this program is very simple and accessible interface, adapted to the needs of users, so the program is convenient for work both for professional designers and for beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of modeling.

The main characteristics of the program: usual instruments, export and import a variety of file formats, raster two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, the use of plug-ins and add-on packages, the choice of the maximum level of illumination, creating macros to duplicate actions, so new features can be added, if necessary.

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