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Over the years there has been a constant shift in the building trends. Unlike earlier when a simple method was applied to all most all the building projects. And that process was very simple from the one that is applied today. Architectural drawings, that to the one manually created by the architects. The entire construction process used to proceed on the shoulders of the architectural drawings.

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Apart from the architects, civil engineers used to be involved in the design development of the structure. That’s it, and the final construction used to begin with the reference of these manual drawings.

But the situation changed with the passage of time. The building trends evolved or changed with the evolution of technology. The simplification of the technology is one reason for these changing trends. The software used in the building process has been designed in a very user friendly manner which can be learn very fast.This gave birth to the modeling of process in the construction business.

Different types of architectural modeling are described below.

3D Interior Modeling: In 3D interior modeling the interiors of a building are shown. Interior architectural modeling can be executed for all kinds of buildings. This includes the residential buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls, universities, etc. The focus of interior modeling remains in providing the detailed description of the building interiors so that it can be better understood by the clients.Interior modeling becomes more effective if it is given the touch of the rendering process. In that case the entire building interiors are given a photorealistic look.

3D Interior Modeling

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3D Exterior Architectural Modeling: In the exterior modeling the building is shown in relation to is exterior environment. To show the outer appearance of the building remains the main purpose of exterior modeling. It also looks more effective if rendering techniques are applied to it as well. Rendering is done to give the photo-realistic look to the outer environment of the building.

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3D Floor Plan: 3D floor plans are also a very important part of architectural modeling, since they give the explanation of the entire floor of a building. They allow the clients to get clarity of the design of the building floor by showing the exact placement of different rooms, along with the wash rooms and living rooms etc.

3d floor plans modeling

Landscape Modeling: Landscape 3D modeling is developed for the public places and the natural environment, and things like, the roads, highways etc. can also be seen in it.
So modeling can be done for any kind of architectural designs and any part of the building can be shown through it.

Landscape 3d Modeling

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