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Virtual Reality – Interactive 3D Architecture for Professional Architects, Designers, Construction and Real Estate Companies.

What is Virtual Reality VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around from quite some time, it has never taken off (until now) to become a popular consumer product but rather a niche for specialists looking for particular experiences. The main concept of VR is to transport the user to a non-existent world by tricking our senses.

Oculus Rift

Now, if you are really into VR (you are a gamer for example) then Oculus Rift will be the gold standard in Virtual Reality but the costs to run it properly will also be quite high. VR might be the next step in the evolution of 3D visualizations. Thanks to its low price people with the slightest interest in VR can experiment it, and let me tell you that the experience is incredible. Some industries will benefit from it straight away. Take real estate and architecture for example. Imagine showing your future clients how the living room of the future residence might look like, but most important, how it might “feel” to be there.


Perhaps the most important aspect of VR is to trick the mind and make it believe you are actually in there. The immersion is among the most important characteristic of VR. Presence is achieved with a variety of things, for example, photorealistic images that look almost real, the sense of scale, and how sensors connect the user to the virtual world. Regarding sensors, Google cardboard relies on the mobile phone’s gyroscope, which basically follows your head movement making you feel you are actually looking where you want in the virtual world.

How do I view VR on my phone

Well, first of all, you will need a capable phone with a resolution of at least HD and gyroscope to get the feeling. You will need a VR visor such as Google cardboard, Zeiss VR one, Samsung gear VR or Homido. As a 3D specialist, I create 3D visualizations of interiors to showcase residential projects among many others. I produce a spherical photorealistic 3D rendering that is ready to be used with a VR visor. You will need to download the spherical image and open it with a spherical viewer app. There are many free apps that can open this kind of images, one of our favorites is Tao Visor. Once you have installed Tao Visor you will navigate with your head movement to Google Spheres icon (the place to open spherical images) in there the spherical images (in this case one of my 3D VR renderings will appear). Open it and feel the immersion, you can look around and get the sense of scale and presence in high-quality photo realistic graphics.

VR is the future

Imagine that a real estate agent visits their clients with a high-end VR visor such as Samsung Gear VR and a Note 4 to show their future developments. Clients will be literally amazed to feel they are inside the VR world. Coupled with highly skilled 3D Visualizers VR can boost sales and amaze its users.

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